An Art Jewelry-The Perfect Gift For A Special Event ?>

An Art Jewelry-The Perfect Gift For A Special Event

Art jewelry is usually considered to be the most precious and perfect gift for a special event because it is exceptionally crafted by human hands. It does not undego any manufucturing process in industries. It involves a lot of creativity and comes with a fantastic design. Besides, art jewelry is often made from locally available materials that are often considered to be having low economic value yet can produce outstanding beautiful works of art.

This Is The Production Process

The designer comes up with how the jewelry should look like in terms of size and shape. He also determines the materials to be used e.g gold, diamond, platinum, precious stones and many more. He puts into consideration the strength and weaknesses of these materials.


This involves using a piercing saw to cut the metal into smaller and finer sizes.

Forming Metal

Once pieces have been cut, the metal is put into the desired shape by bending, hammering, raising over a stake among other processes.


This is the process where metals are joined using heat. Various techniques such as gas-torch, TIG welding and laser welding can be used.


This involves the use of wax models to form moulds. The created moulds are then filled with molten metal. This complex process allows for production of various art jewelry units at ago.


This process involves fitting of gemstones into jewelry pieces that have been completed. Most jewelers use stone setters while others prefer to use external setters to achieve this.


This is where the metal is colored. Coloring is done by applying colored or fused glass to the metal surface.


It is the last stage in jewelry production process. It involves finishing of the completed jewelry to enhance its appearance.

Here Are The Suitable Types of Jewelry For A Woman’s Present that you can find at

  • Ring
  • Necklace
  • Earing

  • Bracelet

In conlusion, the production process of making jewelry is clear and straightforward. It can easily be applied. To add on, if you want to buy a good present for a woman, go for art jewelry as opposed to manufuctured ones. She will imensely appreciate the gift and use it for her special events like wedding.

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